20 years on, actor Deepak Tijori finds out he never was ‘really’ married to his wife


Deepak Tijori had been thrown out of his house by his ‘wife’ Shivani Tomar after they recently had an ugly fight.

In a bizarre turn of events, Bollywood actor Deepak Tijori, who acted in a number of hit movies including ‘Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar’, is in the news after he suddenly found out that his more than 20 years old marriage is null and void. According to a report by SpotboyE, the actor had been thrown out of his house by his ‘wife’ Shivani Tomar after they recently had an ugly fight. Adding more trouble and surprise to Deepak’s part, the actor, after consulting a lawyer, came to know that his wife was not actually his wife, even as they were married for the last 26 years.

After the fight and rumors that Shivani threw Deepak out of their house, the Bollywood actor consulted a lawyer and found out that his wife Shivani has not divorced her first husband in the first place. However, a desperate Shivani has anyways file a divorce and demanded maintenance from the actor. As reported by SpotboyE, the maintenance demanded by Shivani is barely affordable for Deepak.

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Reportedly, a source had also confirmed that the equation between the actor and his 20 year old daughter, Samara, is also not that well. The sources stated that while there is no major clash between the daughter and her father, the daughter is more tilted towards her mother, Shivani.

As reported the source has further said that if Shivani has not yet divorced her first husband, her marriage with Deepak becomes null and void, depriving her from any maintenance. And as Samara is 20 years old, even she does not qualify for any maintenance.

On the other hand, while speaking to Pinkvilla, Shivani’s sister Kunika Sadanand Lall has rubished the versions spread in the media and questioned how a 26 year old marriage be all of a sudden considered null and void. Kunika further claimed that Deepak stays out of the house quite often as he also has a girlfriend with whom he often lives.